to the British – best wishes

it is never an easy decision to upset the status quo. i do not envy the people across the pond today on making the decision to stay or leave. i do hope everyone votes their conscience today. i have been an observer from afar on this, and i while i have my own opinions, i will keep them to myself, as i would not want anyone pontificating on things they have no idea about since they are not involved day to day. imagine if that happened everywhere – the media pundits would all be in the unemployment line.

i hope that everyone can come to terms with the results that will happen today. as tight as the voting is and as high stakes as the outcome is, there will be many wounds to heal. i hope that this process does not cause ill will that cannot be reconciled.

there are many doom and gloomers on both sides of this argument, and definitely this is something we have never before witnessed. again i have no stake in the game, but truly i want to see the best outcome for everyone.

weigh the consequences and vote your heart.