new polling information and thoughts

Seems like this week will provide for some shake up in the top 10 of the GOP race. NBC has Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz ‘surging’ up in the polls. I am interested to see if Carly does make it into the ‘big debate’ how she will perform. Personally, I think she will be just fine, but I know many are hoping for her to fall flat.

New NBC polls show her at 8% – which would represent a gain of 6% from just one debate. I hope that she continues to raise her profile in the party, if she does the hit pieces will start on her.

Alan Dershowitz said that Ted Cruz was the best debate student that he ever taught. I think that Cruz will suffer some Obama malaise, since he is in his first term as a senator, just like Obama was when he was elected president.

I find it humorous that Hillary Clinton suffers from being ‘untrustworthy’ in polls – I cannot fathom where this idea comes from. Color me completely surprised that she would be untrustworthy. Sorry I do not have access to a sarcasm font.

Trump is still the most talked about candidate, for better or for worse. I do not know that he really wants to be President, but I know that he likes the attention. I wonder is all of this attention worth it however, as he has lost many corporate contracts and relations due to the things he has said.

As of today 10 August – here is my crystal ball predictions. Trump sees the handwriting on the wall and runs as an independent taking 15-18% of the vote. Jeb Bush is the republican nominee, and of course Hillary is the democratic nominee. With all of these factors in play – we get Hillary as our president.