election day

today is election day here in the united states. i really wonder why this is not a national holiday. i hope that if you are informed and know what all of the candidates stand for that you are able to get out and vote. if you could not recognize either of the candidates running in your particular area, whether it be a photo or video, and do not know what they stand for – then you probably are better off not voting.

now if you have read the things that i have written – you will note that i equally get aggravated with both sides. senator lindsey graham from south carolina last week said one of the stupidest things i have seen any politico say, but because he was so far ahead it will not hurt him. he said he was joking but what is in your heart is what your mouth will speak. and i do not have a place in my world for someone who says that if they were president that older white guys would do well in his administration.

representative charles rangel of new york is another fascinating one – his assertion that republicans hate and that they think that slavery is not over and they won the civil war. charles let me help you here – since obviously you do not have to have passed history or a citizenship test to be in congress – try this out. the republicans did win the civil war. in fact it was a republican that issued the emancipation proclamation, and one step further it was a higher percentage of republicans that voted for the civil rights act and the voting rights act. but by all means keep feeding that story line.

now here is a question that i would like any politician to be able to answer with a straight face – why is it that if i want to conduct a transaction at a bank i must show id? or if i wanted to buy a tobacco product i must show id? or if i wanted to buy alcohol i must show id? but i can go vote without having to do that? um can you tell me why?

i do use banks, but fortunately i do not use tobacco or alcohol products – yet those are more highly regulated than the very system of laws that is designed for us to vote. and do not try to tell me that this suppresses the voting rights to have to show id. because it does not matter race, religion, creed, WHATEVER CAVEAT YOU NEED – we all have to show id for these things – so why not for voting?

its too bad that election day did not fall tomorrow – could have everyone voting in Guy Fawkes masks.