how stupid are we….really

well life has been interesting. my grand plans of posting more have been shuttered for a bit, because i cannot get internet service out at my home. well i could, but it would cost about a kidney a month or at least that is what it seemed when i asked everyone of the providers.

i am really, really aggravated with the American political process right now. seriously – if your name is bush, or clinton, or kennedy or any one else that has been in office too long – JUST GO AWAY. really. i am sure that you are all nice, kind, charismatic people, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEAS. NONE. so take your money and go away. when the media calls do not answer. look back on the founding fathers – politician was not a career option, nor should it be today.

our system of government was based on the honor system – and all of you seem to lack that gene.

there are a myriad of issues that are pretty huge that are facing this country. but they really do not seem to matter as they can all just wait until after the election.

do we have an immigration policy? uh yeah we do – just wait until after the election. oh ok.

do we have a plan for disease prevention – ebola and enterovirus 68? uh yeah we do just wait until after the election.

how about an attorney general? uh yeah after the election.

how about that report on bowe bergdahl? uh yeah after the election?

how about the economics of paying for any and all of this – uh yeah after the election.

“There were serious logistical concerns,” Napolitano says in her prepared remarks, a copy of which was obtained by The Post. “It would run the risk of appearing to make law and usurping Congress. . . . Who knew how it all would turn out?”

whoa hold on there – no way would this president try to do anything without consulting the congress AS IT IS WRITTEN INTO THE CONSTITUTION.

i am not anti obama. what i am against is the fact that our system of laws is in real trouble. woodrow wilson tried some of these things and was in my opinion the absolute worst president we ever had. carter does not even come close and neither does bush 43 or obama.

so really how stupid are we? whether you are democrat or republican or independent or just really do not care – look around and think of someone besides yourself for a moment. if the people you have continued to vote for have been there as long as you can remember and you are still in the same place you were when it started then maybe, JUST MAYBE its time for something else.