Steelers To Retire #75 Joe Greene’s Jersey

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced they are retiring the #75 jersey of the greatest player in the history of the Steelers franchise- Joe Greene. The Steelers have only retired one jersey before and that was back in 1964 when they retired Hall of Famer Ernie Stautner’s jersey. I am hoping the Steelers continue to retire jersey’s. They have had a lot of great players in the past 40 plus seasons. I think the criteria should be- Hall of Famers get their jersey retired. The greats of the 1970’s are not getting any younger. Retire the jersey’s while they are still living- one a year.

  I met Mean Joe once. I was 12 years old. It was the fall of 1973. They were opening a bank in a nearby town and Greene and back-up quarterback Terry Hanratty were going to be there for a couple hours signing autographs. My friend Martin’s father took me and Martin. We were near the back of the long line. When we got into the bank I can recall looking and seeing Joe and Terry sitting there. Joe was huge. They had little white football’s they were signing and Martin and I got the last two football’s they had signed. All I recall about Hanratty is his eyes looked bloodshot. Joe was massive and seemed pretty laid back. I was in awe of him. I wish I still had that football. Who knows what happened to it? Martin doesn’t have his football either.

  A year or so ago the NFL Network had a program on the Ten Greatest Steelers. I had no question who #1 would be- it had to be Greene. Now who is the #2 Steeler of all time could produce a great debate. #1 no debate- Joe Greene.

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  1. My husband met many of the 70’s Steel Curtain over the years at their fundraising signing events. We have many pictures including one of our son wearing Rocky’s Superbowl ring! Mean Joe was indeed one of my husbands favorite players. There will never be anything like the Steel Curtain again.

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