Wrapping up a couple of thoughts into one post – 4 July, Bastille Day, and this day in history

I always enjoy seeing the fun and festivities that tie the United States together on a 4th of July. The smell of a grill with an assortment of foods, the gathering of friends and family, and of course the fireworks. hope that everyone had a safe and fun day.


14 July is Bastille Day in France – it is a celebration of the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. The Bastille was a large armory and was used to hold political prisioners. On the day of the revolt however, the Bastille had less than 10 inmates. The feudal system was abolished a short time later directly due to this.

I sit here and I watch things happen – and wonder when the US is going to have something similar. I do not know about you – but I am a voter, but not overly politically active. I can name all of the supreme court justices without having to look, I know my states senators, and I have met and corresponded on multiple occasions with my representatives. I know the names and faces of many of the political ‘movers & shakers’ and I am left to wonder – when did i cease to be a citizen of the US and I became a subject of the US. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful and I am blessed to be here. I have been many places throughout central america and mexico (and not to merely tourist destinations) I have been through several countries in europe – i get why people want to come here. What i do not get is why both parties are tripping all over themselves to get people here – without lifting a finger to help the people who are already here.

Now trust me on this – if there is one thing that i do not need it is government intervention in my life. at what point though do we say enough is enough. the thing is though this doesnt hit home. look around – people still go to mcdonalds, or disney world, or to work etc, because most of this does not affect the collective me. everything starts somewhere.

i cannot say that the fault lies with the president, or the congress, or the government itself – the problem lies in us. we are the ones that have allowed this to happen. we are the ones that put all of these liars in office, we allowed them to infiltrate and take over our lives. and we do nothing.

currently we have a democratic administration – but i honestly do not think it would be much different if it were a republican administration. lets take a look at some of these things in a broader context.

ATF – with the operation fast and furious – everyone gets upset when something tragic happens with gun violence. i do as well. here is the problem – they let people illegally buy guns. i cannot make this simpler – they let people who they knew should not be allowed to buy guns to have them. yet its only a problem with someone if someone legally owns guns. Yet no one cares.

IRS – take out of the equation who was being denied or subjected to audits. the irs was used to as a weapon against law abiding citizens. again no one cares.

NSA – who knows? we can’t get an answer. again doesn’t matter as long as i get my government happy meal.

But nope nothing is wrong – pay no attention – these arent the droids you are looking for.


lastly today is the day in 1973 that Richard Nixon’s deputy assistant Alexander Butterfield revealed that the White House taped conversations. Nixon was run out of office due to this.


Yet every administration – at any hint of a misdeed – now acts like a cat in a litterbox – just cover things up and give a soundbite – maybe we won’t notice.

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  1. The problem is that everybody is soo dug in with their beliefs that they are willing to vote in their kind (along party lines) all in the name of ousting the other party ….. a total mess.

    • definitely divided country. i ask this question is there anyone, kermit the frog, mickey mouse, or any real person that would receive 450 electoral votes at this point?


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