Q’s cool structure of the day – Hagia Sophia

i have always thought that most of the construction we do is more artistry than science. buildings of the past certainly show this.

the Hagia Sophia is a museum today in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the third of the great church buildings built at the site and is the current one standing today. construction began in 532 and was finished in 537, making the building almost 1500 years old. it has been a church for eastern orthodox and roman catholics, a mosque, and currently a museum.

the building was not without its problems, earthquakes cracked and destroyed the original dome within the first years of its completion. the dome was rebuilt and reinforced to give the building its current height of 182 ft (55.6m)

there are so many things to tell about this structure that i cannot fully do them justice.

this link from wiki has some great information in its narrative.


the star wars universe architecture had influences from this building, looking at the jedi temple, and jabba’s palace.

thanks for taking a look today.