lets double down on this


just remember everyone – its ok if i do it, but if someone else does it make sure to complain loudly about it.

“It is tremendously disappointing that the government sort of secretly did all this stuff and didn’t tell us,” Page said during the chat with interviewer Charlie Rose.

um larry…psst larry… um what exactly have you been doing that made you all of those billions of dollars? were you spying on people, watching their search patterns so that you could direct ads toward them and pocket the money off that? so tell me how this is different from what you did?

do not get me wrong i am not happy about being spied on. i wonder where the great ideas that the founding fathers had have gone, because this certainly is not the place that they envisioned.

i am not an activist – and we can vote out the figureheads, but the people that are already entrenched there remain no matter who is in office.

what can we do?