2013 – 2014 NCAA Football Preview

Ever have one of those days that seems to just bog you down more and more and more, then it carries over for a couple of days, then that becomes a week, then a month – well that describes life in the last month here. life got in a big hurry and before you know it, i have a lot of writing to catch up on – so hopefully we have the time and the skills to write all of our conference previews. we have a couple of days to get everyone there. will start with the new American Athletic, then ACC, Big 12, Big 10, CUSA, MAC, Mountain West, Pac12, Independents, Sun Belt, and of course SEC.

Last year we saw some really great college football – we saw some teams surprise, Notre Dame, we saw some teams disappoint, Oklahoma, and we saw some new faces that came out of nowhere and took the college football world by storm, Johnny Manziel.

With all that, we saw some things change, but one constant stayed the same – the National Championship once again was taken home by an SEC team – the Crimson Tide. I stated this over the last few years, college football is more akin to the America’s Cup, there is the challenger series, all of the other conferences, and the defender series, the SEC. I am not crazy enough to pick Texas A&M to win the title, with them and the sideshow that Manziel has become, I will not be surprised at anything with them this season. I do not want to stay on the Bama bandwagon; I do not think that Georgia is ready to make the leap, but I do believe that they will have a say so in who does win the SEC.

So here we go….over the next few posts we will make our not so fearless college football posts by conference. Hopefully we can improve on our predictions from last year.