Upcoming Movie – RUSH

I was able to go to the cinema last week and watched the movie Now You See Me, a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyway, I do not get to go to the cinema often, I think the last films I have seen in the theatre have been the conclusion to the Nolan Batman trilogy, and Inception. It’s not that I do not enjoy movies – I just rarely get to go. With that in mind I will be at the theatre on 20 September to see the new Ron Howard film Rush. The trailer for this film was shown before Now You See Me. When I saw Chris Hemsworth, my quick thought was – generic racing movie with a current somewhat bankable actor. Then I saw the open wheel cars with Marlboro on the wings, and I began to think F1. Then I saw Daniel Brühl and I knew that this was going to be about Niki Lauda.

Rush is the story of Formula 1 drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt. These two were friends, then rivals, and champions. Lauda won the drivers championship in 1975 and 1977 with Hunt winning in 1976. Lauda would add a third championship in 1984.

I personally do not know how the movie will cover the aspects of all of this story, but I do trust that Ron Howard will do a great job with this film.

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