Baseball Hall Of Fame Opens In Cooperstown, New York-This Day 1939

On this day in 1939 the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown, New York. I have been to the Hall of Fame a half dozen time but its been twenty years since my last visit. I think I am way overdue. They couldn’t have picked a better place for the Hall of Fame. Cooperstown and that entire area is beautiful. Cooperstown is a laid back kind of town. I’ve always felt like I’ve gone back in time when I’ve went there. The Hall of Fame is great also. I live an hour and a half from the Football Hall of Fame and I’ve been to Cooperstown as many times as I’ve been to Canton. If I were an hour and a half away from Cooperstown I’d bet my visits would be a few times a year. I will never forget the first trip- when I was 9. {On that trip the Kent State Massacre took place, on my last trip comedian Sam Kinneson died in a car accident.}

Of all the sports the discussion on who should/shouldn’t be in the Baseball Hall of Fame is always the most interesting. No one knows who is in the hockey or basketball hall of fames. The Football Hall of Fame gets some discussion on who should be/shouldn’t be in but for some reason the Baseball Hall of Fame lively discussions. I think they are going to face a crisis in the near future though- not letting the juicing players of the 90’s-2000’s in there are going to be years when no one gets in. No one gets in, attendance will go down in Cooperstown no doubt.


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