The Worst Coaches In NFL History

ESPN has been having a countdown of the greatest coaches in NFL history the past three weeks topped off today by naming Vincent Thomas Lombardi as #1 of all time [on his 100th birthday} ESPN ran an article today on the worst coaches in NFL history. Interesting the article  a little slanted toward the last decade but they do cover some of the old, bad coaches. David Shula was the worst. There could be an open debate on who was next to worst but I know David was Don’s son but as the article states- the apple fell far from the tree on that one.

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2 responses to “The Worst Coaches In NFL History

  1. dj gallo story – how does he get paid and still writes at espn? this guys stories are very rarely good. missing from this list – bruce coslet, ray handley, rod rust, hugh campbell, virtually any saints coach not named mora or payton.

    • I thought as every ESPN story seems to do- too much recent history and not enough NFL history. It would be like doing a Greatest Coaches list and having 90 % of them from the past 20 years. He does get a number of them right-especially Shula. Ray Handley was notoriously awful. He had to make any list.

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