The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” Album-Released 35 Years Ago Today

The last great album [in my opinion] by The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” was released 35 years ago today. I can remember buying it. I was 17 and my friend Randy and I would get a bus in Weirton, West Virginia, about 6 miles from our hometown and would take the bus to downtown Pittsburgh, go to a game and then catch the bus home. It was a Saturday afternoon game. When the game was over we headed downtown for the bus stop. Across the street was a National Record Mart. I looked at my watch and told Randy ‘We have ten minutes I am going to run over and get an album.” I bought for $4.99 each the The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” album and the new Bob Dylan album “Street Legal.” As I walked out of the store I looked and the bus had arrived. I made it in time. Another minute and I’d have missed the bus. The back-up play if we missed the bus [and the next bus wouldn’t be heading back to Weirton until 11:30} was to go see Dizzy Gillespie who was playing a free concert at Point State Park that night. I wasn’t into jazz at that time but I think maybe it would have been better to have missed the bus and saw Dizzy play.

The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” was the soundtrack for me that summer. Loved the album, played it to death. Many memories. I remember going to the beach with my family that summer and my sister and I singing “Miss You” as we walked down the street, which drew laughter from many. Their next album “Tattoo You” wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t call it a classic. The Stones should have hung it up then. My favourite song on “Some Girls” back then was “Beast of Burden” today I think my favourite is “Before They Make Me Run.” Great album cover by the way too. 35 years ago today. I am getting old.