Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist- Boz Scaggs 69 Today

Boz Scaggs turns 69 today. Boz Scaggs is a singer-songwriter and guitarists whose greatest fame came in the mid to late 1970’s. Boz Scaggs was a guitarist for the Steve Miller Band on their first two albums. Then he went solo. His 7th album “Silk Degrees” which was released in 1976 would sell over 5 million copies. He had a few top 40 hits on that album, “It’s Over” #48, “Lowdown” which would be his biggest hit reached #3, “What Can I Say” #42, “Lido Shuffle” #11. He also had a song on that album “We’re All Alone” which would later be recorded by other artists. If you were to own one Boz Scaggs album this is the one to have. Pretty good album. That was his peak. Since then he has remained active. He will release an album every few years and he still tours. He will always be remembered though for “Silk Degrees.”