Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy- Shot This Day 1968

File:RFK and MLK together.jpg

On this date in 1968 U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy of New York was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California the evening he won the California Presidential Primary. He was allegedly shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Senator Kennedy would die the next day, June 6th, 1968. Kennedy was at a celebration of his victory in California and had just given his victory speech moments before he was shot while walking through the kitchen of the hotel. Another terrible tragedy in 1968, one of the worst years in American history.

There are a lot of people who believe RFK would have won the Democratic nomination for President at the convention in Chicago but it would seem from looking at the situation that he would not have had enough delegates to win in 1968. RFK was still a young man though, he could have given Tricky Dick fits in 1972. RFK was 42 years old.