30 Greatest Summer Songs Of All-Times


A few days ago I was thinking about summer songs and texted a friend of mine who I knew would have an opinion on what the best summer song was. I had one in mind- The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” but I didn’t tell him what my choice was. When I got his message, he said the same thing “Good Vibrations” I then found the attached article, a recent one from Billboard Magazine and their rankings of the 30 Greatest Summer Songs. “Good Vibrations” is not in their top 30. Anyway. Here is the 30 Top Summer Songs- according to Billboard Magazine.



7 responses to “30 Greatest Summer Songs Of All-Times

  1. How could they possibly leave off “Theme from a Summer Place” which to this day holds the all time record of 9 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100? And don’t get me started on Mungo Jerry…I hate that song. Ugh. 😦

    • That Mungo Jerry song is one-that I am not a fan of either..but once it gets in your head you can’t get rid of it. kind of like the flu.

    • I love that song too.. The Lovin’ Spoonful-underrated.. The other day-the last day of school. I am in charge of the news in the mornings. I play music before the news comes on and the last day I played summer songs..and I played “Summer In The City” a must play.

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