President Grover Cleveland Marries Frances Folsom In The White House- This Day 1886



On this day in 1886 President Grover Cleveland [the only POTUS to serve two non-consecutive terms} married Frances Folsom in the White House. Cleveland would be the only POTUS to wed in the White House. President Cleveland was 49, Miss Folsom 21. Frances Folsom is still the youngest First Lady in American history and my bet is she will remain so. This is not the biggest age difference of any President and First Lady- John Tyler was a widower when he married his second wife Julia Gardner, Tyler was 54, Gardner 24. They weren’t married in the White House but in New York City. They have a grandson who is still living.

Cleveland had known Frances Folsom from the time she was born, he was 27 at the time. Cleveland was friends with Folsom’s father Oscar Folsom.

Frances Folsom would be a popular First Lady. When Grover was defeated by Benjamin Harrison in the 1888 Presidential election, Frances would tell the people who worked in the White House to keep things nice that they would be returning in 4 years. She was right. She would outlive the POTUS by 39 years. Cleveland died in 1908 and Frances Cleveland in 1947.