Bruce Springsteen’s “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” Album- Released This Day 1978

With all these anniversaries anymore I am starting to feel old. 35 years ago today my favourite Bruce Springsteen album ever was released “Darkness On The Edge Of Town.” This would be one of those albums that remind me of a time and a place. This was one of the soundtracks to my senior year in high school. I was delighted a few years ago when they released a box set of this album- the original/ songs that Bruce recorded at the time that didn’t make the album and a special documentary about the making of the album. I know “Born In The USA” sold the most and “Born To Run” would be the choice of most as his best but I’ve always been partial to “Darkness” it was when I discovered Bruce. After hearing this a few times I went out and bought the back catalog-which at the time consisted of only 3 other albums. The first rock concert I would ever attend would be Bruce on “The River” tour-still one of the best concerts I’ve been to and a great first concert.