John Fogerty-Creedence Clearwater Revival Frontman- 68 Today

John Fogerty turns 68 today. From 1968-1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival was on top of the world. No one during that period matched their output. They released 7 albums during those years and had 13 Top 40 hits. They had 5 songs peak at #2 in the charts without having a #1 hit. John Fogerty was the songwriter and singer for CCR. John Fogerty has gone on after CCR to have a solo career but his peak years were with CCR. He was CCR. What a great songwriter he was back then. One of the things I loved about his songwriting is he didn’t write love songs. The man never wrote a love song until the late 1990’s.

The Creedence Clearwater Revival story since they broke up is not a pretty one. Fogerty felt he was ripped off by his record label[now there is a constant in the history of rock and roll} There was a lot of bitterness between Fogerty and the rest of the band-including between John and his brother Tom. There was a period of years where Fogerty wouldn’t perform CCR songs during his concerts since he didn’t own the songs. He has a new album coming out today which is mainly duets between John and guest artists doing the old CCR songs.


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