County Music Legend- Hank Williams, Jr.-64 Today

Hank Williams, Jr. turns 64 today. The other day someone asked me the question “What great singer had son-daughter who followed their footsteps and was the greatest success?” After thinking about it my answer was Hank Williams, Jr. Maybe I am missing someone but I couldn’t think of a better choice. I can’t imagine what it was like being the son of Hank Williams and having his name- and trying to succeed in country music. A lot was expected and I think Hank Jr certainly delivered. Hank Jr has released 54 albums and has had 10 #1 songs on the country music charts. Hank Jr was big in the 1970’s and 1980’s. His hit making days are over but he still tours and releases an album every now and then. His son Hank III has also had an interesting career in music. Hank III by the way looks like the ghost of Hank Sr. Hank Jr is ok in my book- a Republican who is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I like his music too.