Brooks Robinson- AKA “The Human Vacuum Cleaner” 76 Today


On the day that another Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson turns 67- Brooks Robinson turns 76. I don’t know if there are two men who could be as different in personality. There was a quote someone once had comparing the two men- I can’t recall who it was but the quote was “Brooks Robinson never had a candy bar named after him. In Baltimore they name their children after him.” Robinson will always be remembered for his great glove. If he wasn’t the greatest fielding  third baseman of all time he was certainly on the Mount Rushmore of the greats. He wasn’t a great hitter but he wasn’t bad and he was known as a great clutch hitter. Brooks will always be remembered for the exhibition he put on in the 1970 World Series when the Orioles beat the Reds. He made a series of amazing plays at third base during that series that are still talked about.

Brooks Robinson was an 18 time all-star. He played his entire career with one team- the Baltimore Orioles from 1955-77. He won 16 Gold Glove Awards. He was the AL MVP in 1964 and the World Series MVP in 1970. He was a key member of 2 World Championship teams. He hit 268 home runs, 1357 rbi, he came up a little short of 3000 hits with 2848. Brooks had a career batting average of .267. The only third basemen that I’d put ahead of Brooks that I have seen -overall are George Brett and Michael Jack Schmidt. Johnny Bench after the 1970 World Series in which Brooks won the MVP and a new car said ” Gee, if we knew he wanted a new car that bad, we would have chipped in and bought him one.”

Brooks also has one dubious record- he has the record for grounding into four triple plays in his career.

Brooks is not only famous for being a great fielder but for being an outstanding man. I’ve never heard a bad story about Brooks Robinson as far as how he treats other people. A total class act. A nice man who happened to be a great baseball player.  He is a better man than he was a ballplayer and that is saying something.


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