My Name On The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Washington D.C.


A few years ago while on the yearly trip with my 8th graders to Washington D.C. we were walking along the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and one of my students who was walking along with me said “Wouldn’t it be weird if your name was on the wall? ” Within 30 seconds of his saying that another student who was just ahead of us turned and said “Mr. Postcard-there is your name.” Indeed there it was. I went back and looked the name up in the big book of names that are on the wall and was shocked at what I saw. The soldier who shared my name also shared my same birthdate-the only difference was he was born in 1948 and I was born 1960. Another odd thing was he was from the Pittsburgh, PA area. I grew up less than an hour from Pittsburgh. The picture above is one of my students tracing over the name of the soldier who shares my name/birthdate last weekend in D.C. The soldier was killed at the age of 20 in 1969.


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  1. Yesterday, I wore my POW/MIA red metal wristband for: Sfc. Charles L. Adkins, USA, 2-2-68, SVN. I’ve had this wristband for about 20 years.

    A tragedy that so many were lost, wounded – mentally, physically. Bless you for your service.

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