The Greatest Athlete To Wear #6 {Bill Russell}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #6 is Bill Russell.

Notable #6’s in baseball- Stan The Man Musial is one of the greatest players in baseball history. Al Kaline one of the greatest Tigers ever. Tony Oliva was on his way to a Hall of Fame career before it was ended early due to bad knees. What a hitter. Steve Garvey was one of those players close to the Hall of Fame but a little short of it, he was an outstanding player though. Sal Bando was the Captain of those great A’s teams of the early 70’s. Clete Boyer, Carl Furillo, Tony Lazzeri and Rico Petrocelli were also fine #6’s Baseball managers Bobby Cox and Joe Torre were #6’s and they both have a lot of wins!

In basketball-Dr. J Julius Erving, one of the most exciting players in NBA history. Walter Davis was a fine player. In hockey Phil Housley

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #6 is Bill Russell. Normally both Musial and Dr.J. would be hard to beat but they run up against Mr. Russell and there is no beating Bill Russell here. I have written about Bill Russell a few times before. The Greatest Winner in American sports history. He was the key player on the Boston Celtics for 13 seasons-they won 11 World Championships in those 13 years. That stat says it all. If I could have been any pro athlete ever- I’d have wanted to be Bill Russell. Bill Russell was about one thing- winning. 11 of 13 years in the NBA, throw in an Olympic Gold Medal and in college at the University of San Francisco 2 National Championships in 3 years. 14 possible championships out of 17. He was the key player on all those teams.


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