The Greatest Athlete To Wear #7 {Mickey Mantle}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #7 is Mickey Mantle.

Notable #7’s- I know it w ould be more popular today to pick John Elway and it was something I thought over for a while but as great as Elway was-he has to take second place in this. Other football players who wore 7 that were noteworthy- Mel Hein, Dante Pastorini, Big Ben Roethlisberger, Morten Andersen, Joe Theismann. Boomer Esiason, Bob Waterfield and Dutch Clark.

in baseball- Ducky Medwick, Pudge Rodriguez, Craig Biggio, Dom Dimaggio, Al Rosen, Mark Belanger, Al Simmons

in soccer- David Beckham

in hockey- Phil Esposito, Rod Gilbert, Terrible Ted Lindsay, Howie Morenz, Bill Barber, Neal Boten, Chris Chelios, King Clancy, Tim Horton, Joe Mullen, Keith Tkachuk

in basketball Tiny Nate Archibald, Hank Luisetti, Bobby “Bingo” Smith and Pistol Pete Maravich.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #7 is Mickey Mantle. 3 MVP Awards, 7 World Series Championships The sports Icon of a generation. As great as Elway is Mantle can’t be beat!


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  1. Being a Yankee fan “of a certain age” all I can say is, there AMEN. He is number one and there is no number two. He was probably one of the greatest pure athletes to play any professional sport. With healthy knees and a clean liver, he would have been the greatest EVER.

  2. Oh, and I actually met Rod Gilbert–had coffee with him–about 20 years ago. It was no real biggie as I am not a hockey fan, but it did seem kinda cool at the time.

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