Country Music Legend George Jones “The Possum” Dead At 81

George Jones passed away at 81 yesterday. First, the fact that George Jones LIVED to be 81 years old has to be a miracle. I remember back in the day thinking he’d never see 50. George Jones is one of the great voices of country music. If they had a Mount Rushmore for Country Music- in my opinion at least it would be Hank, Johnny, Merle and The Possum. I had a feeling a couple weeks ago when he was hospitalized that the end was coming. George Jones for the most part sang adult country songs. He had one of the great voices not only in country music but in any music. The man could sing.

In the past ten years country music has lost a number of all-time greats- Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Buck Owens. As George himself once sang “Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” The answer probably no one.