The Greatest Athlete To Wear #9 {Teddy Ballgame}

Doc Dizzy – *shakes his head* “Number 11, that’s a bad luck number, don’t want to go into that”

Roy Hobbs – “How about 9?”

Doc Dizzy – “9, well you got me. 9 it is.”

with all due respect to the mythical slugger Roy Hobbs, who wanted to be ‘the greatest hitter that ever lived’ that award and the greatest athlete to wear the number both go to Theodore Samuel Williams.

this was overall a generally tough pick – there are some tremendous athletes that donned this number.

hockey alone could have its own Mt. Rushmore and still leave a ton of talent out – Mr Hockey Gordie Howe, The Rocket Maurice Richard, Bobby Hull, John Bucyk, Glenn Anderson, Mike Modano, Bernie Nichols (the one player that scored 70+ goals in a season that everyone forgets) and for a short time when he was with the Blues – the best faceoff man I have ever witnessed – the late Peter Zezel.

basketball is still waiting for its go to 9 – Tony Parker, Luol Deng, Rajon Rondo carry the torch now, Bob Petit being the best from the past.

football brings us a good mix of the past and present – Sonny Jurgenson, Drew Brees, the late Steve McNair, Tony Romo,

the beautiful game of football brings us a mens and womens all timers – Renoldo and Mia Hamm

baseball brings us Reggie Jackson who was better known for 44, Roger Maris, Enos Slaughter, and Bill Mazeroski.

But for me it was a coin flip between Mr Hockey and Teddy Ballgame.

Ted Williams quite possibly would have rewritten the record books had he not served in the Marines. Williams missed 737 games due to his service, and his willingness to fight in both World War II and Korea only make him all the more awesome.

Greatest athlete to wear 9 – The splendid splinter.