Sal”The Barber” Maglie- Star Baseball Pitcher In 1950’s- Born This Day 1917

Sal Maglie was born on this day 1917. He was a star pitcher for the Giants and four other teams. He is known mostly for his work with the Giants. Sal Maglie had one of the great baseball nicknames-‘Sal The Barber” because he gave hitters-close shaves. Maglie won 119 games during his ten year career. Sal didn’t make his major league debut until the age of 28 in 1945, then the war ended and everyone came back from the war and Maglie didn’t return to the majors until the age of 33. His finest season was 1951 with the New York Giants when he went 23-6 with a 2.93 ERA. Don Drysdale and Jim Lonborg would credit “Sal The Barber” for teaching them how to pitch inside.

I remember Maglie from Jim Bouton’s great book “Ball Four.” Maglie was a coach on that Seattle Pilots team in 1969. Growing up he was one of Jim Bouton’s heroes. Bouton’s portrait of “Sal The Barber” was not flattering. According to Bouton, Maglie rarely gave any advice that helped the pitchers and was the king of the second guessers when they made a mistake.

“Sal The Barber” Maglie died in 1992 at the age of 75.