The Greatest Athlete To Wear #12 {Tom Brady}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #12 is Tom Brady.

A lot of great #12’s. in football of course that is a quarterback number- Roger Staubach of Dallas one of the top dozen quarterbacks ever. John Brodie, Randall Cunningham, Ken Stabler, Bob Griese, Jim Kelly and of how could I not mention the most famous #12 Joe Willie Namath. My first runner up at this position is Terry Bradshaw-4 Super Bowl Championships that is my favourite Terry Bradshaw stat.

My second¬†runner-up at this number is basketball’s John Stockton. What a great career, he did everything but win an NBA Championship.

In baseball Roberto Alomar is in the Hall of Fame. He’s one of the best second baseman of the past few decades.

A couple great old time hockey players wore #12 Sid Abel and Dickie Moore. In today’s game Jarome Iginla one of the best NHL players in the past decade.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #12 is Tom Brady. Brady is just a couple of plays away from being the greatest quarterback ever. The Pats came up short in their past couple Super Bowls by a nats eyelash. 3 Super Bowls and he is the best quarterback since Elway. As much as I would like to give the greatest #12 to Terry Bradshaw of my Super Steelers teams of the 70’s I have to give it to Tom Brady. As long as the Patriots have Brady they have a chance. I can’t imagine New England without #12.