Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo-33 Today

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo turns 33 today. This makes me sad because as a Dallas Cowboys hater I want Tony Romo to remain the Cowboys quarterback forever[just as I want Jerry Jones to live forever and never sell the Cowboys} I figure as long as Romo is the quarterback/ Jones the owner and Garrett the head coach the Cowboys are no real threat. They will tease their fans but in the end go down in flames as they usually do.

Romo isn’t a bad quarterback. I wouldn’t object to having him on my fantasy league team but I wouldn’t want him to be the quarterback on any team I was rooting for. He always seems to find a way to screw things up late in the season when the Cowboys are in the playoff hunt or in a playoff game should the Cowboys go that far. He has had a pretty good career though considering he went undrafted in the 2003 draft. He would have probably been better off with another team. The spotlight is always on the Cowboys- I am not sure why anymore-they have won one playoff game since 1996.