Accusations Against Cleveland Browns Owner Has NFL Terrified

As if the NFL doesn’t have enough problems- the new owner of the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam may be in big legal trouble. Only the Browns.

link to story below.


5 responses to “Accusations Against Cleveland Browns Owner Has NFL Terrified

  1. expects reference to eddie debartolo – clicks link – rewarded with the answer.
    i dont know the details yet of this investigation. i would say that the g-men visiting your offices on consecutive days is not a good thing. but in this day of guilty in public opinion even if you are proven innocent in a court of law, i am going to wait and see all of these things before i give my opinion.

  2. i have read a few more things on this, if this has been going on for years as it has been claimed – just wow. looks like cleveland has worse problems then being ready for the draft.

    • Cleveland’s problem could become a huge NFL headache.. want to get a few $$$ together and buy the Browns?

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