The Greatest Athlete To Wear #25 {Barry Bonds}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #25 is Barry Bonds.

Notable #25’s- in baseball-Tommy John pitched 26 seasons with six different teams and won nearly 300 games. He is best remembered for the surgery named after him that has saved many pitchers careers. Mark McGwire hit a ton of home runs with the A’s and Cardinals. Rafael Palmeiro- will always be remembered for his testimony before Congress not his play on the field. Jim Thome is a big strong farm boy who did it legit-unlike 3 other #25’s. In football Fred Biletnikoff of the Raiders was one of the most sure-handed receivers in NFL history. Tommy McDonald was a Hall of Fame receiver most remembered as an Eagle. In hockey Joe Nieuwendyk was a big time goal scorer during his career. Jacques Lemaire won 8 Stanley Cups with the Canadians. In basketball Mark Price and Glenn “Doc” Rivers were outstanding guards. Price one of the greatest foul shooters in NBA history. Gail “Stumpy” Goodrich was a great player at UCLA and later the Lakers. He played in the same backcourt with the Lakers as a guy named Jerry West.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #25 is Barry Bonds. I am not going to write anything about this guy. My mom always told me If I didn’t have anything good to say say nothing. I detest this guy.


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