2013 NFL Mock Draft- By SLICETHELIFE -Round 1 Pick 24 -Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts were the surprising team of the year last year. Going from having the number one pick last year and taking Andrew Luck to going 11-5 and making the playoffs. No one, I don’t even think the most rabid Colts can could have anticipated that. They had to deal with the serious illness of head coach Chuck Pagano who missed most of the year. Bruce Ariens stepped in and did a remarkable job. The Colts rallied around the Pagano situation. They had a great draft last year which certainly helped them get where they  got last year. I do think the Colts will be in for a let down this year. I am not ready to predict a total disaster I just don’t see them being able to sustain 11-5. The Colts need help at defensive end and cornerback [i think everyone needs help at cornerback] and on offense at the skill positions of running back and wide receiver. They need to get Andrew Luck some new toys to play with. I see them going for a receiver in round 2 and maybe a running back later on but in round 1

With the 24th pick in Round 1 the Indianapolis Colts select Datone Jones DE UCLA  6-3 282 4.8 4o. Has great speed and quickness, needs to get a little stronger. By picking Jones the Colts fill a critical need at DE.