The Greatest Athlete To Wear #36 {Gaylord Perry}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #36 is Gaylord Perry.

Notable #36’s- in baseball Robin Roberts is a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Phillies. He is the runner-up as the greatest #36. Hard choice between him and Gaylord Perry. David Cone had some outstanding seasons as a major league pitcher. Jim Kaat pitched forever and came close to 300 wins in his career. Don Newcombe had some outstanding seasons with the Boys of Summer Brooklyn Dodgers in the early 1950’s. Jerry Kooseman was a fine pitcher for the Miracle Mets in 1969. In football Marion Motley was a great running back for the Browns during their glory years. Jerome “The Bus” Bettis carried the load for the Steelers and is a future Hall of Famer. In basketball Meadowlark Lemon was the focal point on the Harlem Globetrotters for a number of years back in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #36 is Gaylord Perry. Gaylord Perry won 314 games in his 22 year career. He pitched for 8 different teams. His career ERA was 3.11.  He was a 5 time All Star and the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues. He is best remembered for throwing  or being suspected of throwing the spit ball. He made it great theater. The umpires would go out and search him. It never seemed to throw him off his game. He even wrote a book called “Me and the Spitter.”