Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Knute Rockne-Born This Day 1888


The legendary Knute Rockne was born on this day in 1888. Rockne was the football coach at Notre Dame for 13 years before his life was tragically ended in a plane crash. He was only 43 when he died. He is one of the greatest and most famous football coaches of all times. His all-time record was an amazing 105-12-5 with 3 National Championships. He was head coach at Notre Dame from 1918 until 1930. He has been dead for 83 years now but his name is still out there all the time as one of the great coaches. He was known for his motivational speeches and for popularizing the forward pass.

Knute Rockne was born in Norway and emigrated with his parents to Chicago at the age of 5ive. He played his college football at Notre Dame as an end from 1910-13. He graduated with a degree in Pharmacy. He got a job as a labratory assistant at Notre Dame after graduating. He was still helping out with the football team. The rest is history.