The Greatest Athlete To Wear #67 {Bob Kuechenberg}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #67 is former Miami Dolphin guard Bob Kuechenberg.

No one stands out far and above anyone else at this number. We have no superstars just some star lineman who were not quite Hall of Famers but close. Reggie McKenzie was one of the star lineman who led the way for O.J. Simpson in Buffalo during the 1970’s. Grady Alderman was an outstanding guard for the Vikings. Art Still a powerful defensive end for the KC Chiefs.

The Greatest #67 Bob Kuechenberg was a 6 time Pro Bowl guard for the storied Miami Dolphins of the 1970’s. A two time Super Bowl champion. The Dolphins relied on the running game during their glory years and their finest lineman was Kuechenberg. He has been a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame but so far has came up short. My guess is he will go into the Hall of Fame in a few years as one of the ‘old timer’ selections.