Republican Political Consultant /Strategist Lee Atwater- Born This Day 1951

Lee Atwater- Born Harvey LeRoy Atwater was born this day in 1951. Lee Atwater was a political advisor for POTUS Reagan and President George H.W. Bush and later Chairman of the National Republican Committee. Lee Atwater was ruthless. Lee Atwater went for the throat.  Atwater’s most noteable campaign was the 1988 campaign for POTUS when he ran Bush’s campaign. He destroyed the Democratic nominee Mike Dukakis.

On March 5th,1990 Atwater collapsed during a fundraising breakfast for Senator Phil Gramm. He had brain cancer and in a little over a year would be dead. I have always believed if Lee Atwater doesn’t get brain cancer, Bill Clinton never gets elected POTUS. The ’92 Bush re-election campaign lacked energy. Atwater would have destroyed Sweet Ole Bill and Bush would have won re-election. Lee Atwater died at the age of 40 on March 29, 1991.

An outstanding documentary on Lee Atwater came out in 2008 “Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story.” A book worth reading came out in 1997 “Bad Boy: The Life And Politics of Lee Atwater”-by John Joseph Brady.


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  1. agree 100%. this was one nasty dude. the clintons would be sitting somewhere in arkansas if cancer had not got him. i am not sure that we will see anyone like him again, and frankly i dont think that is a bad thing overall. there are a lot of political operatives that are just fawned over these days, they were not even close to being in the same orbit as atwater.

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