Yoko Ono- 80 Years Old Today

Yoko Ono turns 80 today. One of the most controversial people in the second half of the last century. I am not a fan of hers. I do not blame her for The Beatles break-up as many do. The Beatles break-up had to happen. Looking back it was probably a good thing that they broke up. I don’t blame Yoko. The boys grew up. You can’t stay in high school forever. They broke up at the right time.

Yoko though I’ve always viewed negatively because I see her as a manipulator, a user, a force of evil. She has turned John Lennon’s assassination into a career move. She’s become a ‘professional widow.” If half the stories I’ve heard over the years about Yoko are true, she is one awful person. Anyway. I will give her her due, she is a smart one. A great businesswoman and her music isn’t without merit. She was ahead of her time and had an influence on punk-new wave. Not that I sit around and listen to her music. I’ve listened to her stuff but its not something I revisit.

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