Dale Earnhardt Killed In Crash At Daytona 500-This Day 2001

Hard to believe it was a dozen years ago that Dale Earnhardt was killed in the crash at the end of the Daytona 500. I remember watching that and the reactions of the announcers and other race drivers told the world that something was terribly wrong. They went off the air with no word on Earnhardt’s condition. I remember taking an hour nap, and when I woke up and got on the computer expected to see the headline that I saw on the ESPN site. “EARNHARDT KILLED” or whatever it was.

I know The King-Richard Petty won 20o races, far and away the most NASCAR victories but Dale Earnhardt would be my choice as the greatest driver. He raced in a different time, faced more difficult competition. Both Petty and Earnhardt are tied with seven championships. Earnhardt won 76 NASCAR races. Earnhardt was “The Intimidator.” He was a driver you either loved or hated but you knew he was there and was glad he was there. He made it interesting. He wasn’t bland like most of these guys are today.

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