Actor Gene Hackman 83 Today

Retired actor Gene Hackman turns 83 today. I always thought Hackman was one of the great underrrated actors [along with Robert Duval} Hackman may have been in some bad movies now and then but he was never bad himself in the movie. My favourite Gene Hackman movie was “Hoosiers” which may be my favourite sports movie ever. I have watched that movie at least once a year since it came out 25 years ago.I coach basketball but I’ve been told I am more of a “Shooter” {Dennis Hopper}as a coach than Coach Norman Dale {Hackman}Some of his other notable movies “The French Connection I and II”,”Mississippi Burning”,”Unforgiven”,”Bonnie and Clyde”,”The Conversation”, “Get Shorty” the list goes on and on. He has retired from acting. His last movie was in 2004.


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