President-Elect Franklin Pierce And Family Involved In Train Wreck This Day 1853

On this day in 1853 President-Elect Franklin Pierce and his family were involved in a train accident near Andover, Massachusetts. The Pierce’s had three sons. Their first son Franklin Jr. died at three days old in 1836, their second son Frank died at age four in 1843 of epidemic typhus. Their third son Benjamin was 11 years old and was nearly decapitated in this train wreck. Franklin Pierce covered him with a sheet hoping that his wife Jane would not see their son but she saw. This tragedy coming just a couple of months before he became POTUS would have a huge impact onĀ President Pierce, his wife and the nation. After Benjamin’s death the Pierce’s understandably went through severe depression. Pierce’s presidency had to have been effected by the death of his son. Jane Pierce became distant from her husband during his presidency. Pierce would rank among the worst presidents in American history along side the likes of James Buchanan, Warren Harding and Jimmy Carter on the Mount Rushmore of Terrible Presidents.