The First College Football Bowl Game- The Rose Bowl- Played This Day 1902

The first ever college football bowl game was played on this day in 1902. It was the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford played in Pasadena, California. It wasn’t much of a game, Michigan won 49-0. The next Rose Bowl wouldn’t take place until 1916.

Michigan was pretty awesome that season. They went 11-0 and outscored their opponents 550-to 0.

Now we have 35 different bowl games which is about 20 more than is needed. There was a time when going to a bowl game was a reward for a very good season. There would be teams with 8-3 records that didn’t make a bowl. Now 70 teams go to bowl games. There is something wrong if you DON’T go to a bowl game. Sometimes less is more. No one cares about some of these mickey mouse bowl games. Get rid of them.