Paul Westerberg- Former Frontman For The Replacements- 53 Today

Paul Westerberg best known as the singer/guitarist/songwriter for The Replacements-turns 53 today. The Replacements were formed in Minneapolis in 1979. They would release seven albums from 1981 until 1990. My two favourite bands out of the 1980’s were both from Minneapolis- The Replacements and Husker Du. Both of these groups paved the way for groups like Nirvana in the 1990’s. The Replacements were just a little bit ahead of their time.  My three favourite albums by The Replacements would be the three in the middle of their career “Let It Be”, “Tim” and “Pleased To Meet Me” Westerberg wrote dozens of great songs during this period of time.

The Replacements were influenced by classic rock groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Big Star but also by punk groups like The Ramones and The Clash. You never knew what you would get out of them live. They were notorious for playing under the influence of alcohol. I saw them twice-the first time I saw them I would say was the second greatest concert I’ve ever seen {Elvis Costello in 1982 is the greatest concert I’ve ever seen} The second time I saw The Replacements was right before they broke up and they weren’t awful but it was a rather pedestrian performance.

Paul Westerberg has in the past 20 years had a solo career. His solo career has had its moments but it’s not The Replacements. In October it was announced that The Replacements have reformed with Paul and Tommy Stinson they were going to do an EP of cover songs that would be sold to benefit former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap who had suffered a stroke. Westerberg did not rule out a tour and recording an album.

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