Six Tips for Strong Writing That Have Nothing to Do With Word Choice

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You’ve heard them all, right? Ban adverbs. Show, don’t tell. Be concise. Avoid the passive voice.

After last week’s Freshly Pressed bonanza on my tips for building your freelance writing career, I thought I should follow up with some practical, non-threadbare tips on the actual writing – without telling you how you should put your words together.

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1)   Mingle with the Mortals.

Enjoying life up there in your ivory tower?

I didn’t think so. Because real writers are collaborators.

Of course writing will always require a lot of focused solo work: my long-suffering husband knows I’m checking out for a few hours whenever I say, “Babe, I have to write.”

The writer protagonists in Stephen King novels are always departing for deserted cabins in Maine or secluded…

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