The Silver Bridge Collapse -Point Pleasant, West Virginia- This Day 1967

File:Silver Bridge, 1928.jpg

On this day 45 years ago- December 15th, 1967 the Silver Bridge which went across the Ohio River from Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Gallipolis, Ohio collapsed killing 46 people. The bridge collapsed during rush hour on a cold December evening. The later investigation determined that the collapse was due to the failing of a single eyebar breaking in the suspension chain due to a small defect. When the eyebar broke the rest of the eyebars couldn’t handle the extra weight and the bridge went down like dominos. This of course was a terrible tragedy to a small town like Point Pleasant. Nearly everyone in the town knew someone who had died on that bridge.

At this time in Point Pleasant there had been sightings of the Mothman. There has always been talk that Mothman was seen in the area of the bridge before the bridge went down.

After the investigation and the flaw in the bridge structure was discovered they determined that there were two other bridges that were built the same as the Silver Bridge. One was upsteam on the Ohio River in St.Mary’s, West Virginia and the other was in Brazil. The bridge in St. Mary’s was immediately closed and torn down.

The impact of the Silver Bridge disaster is still felt in Point Pleasant.