Week 13 NFL if wagering were legal

Well I think I am back. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I started to feel ill. I thought it was a small cold. After a couple of days I thought I might have ‘Captian Trips’ from the King novel The Stand, only I did not die within 24 hours. Long story short whatever this was that I contracted was pretty nasty. I still am not over it, but I am able to function for a few hours at a time. This is why there was not a week 12 post, although there were some great games. Record stands at 28-37-1 now. Missed out on last nights game as well. Oh well.

home team in all caps

sea +3.5 at CHI – i think the bears are just too banged up right now, and seattle should be able to take advantage here.

minn +8 at GB – green bay should blow the vikings away, but i dont know which team shows up.

sf at STL +7 – taking the home dog here. no real reason other than i dont believe in kapernick yet.

nep -7 at MIA – the pats are better on the road than miami is at home.

hou -6.5 at TEN – houston is the better team and has something to prove here.

nyg at WAS +3 – i like the redskins here no real reason.

best to all and remember to fade my picks as you see the record.