Michael Jackson “Thriller’ Video [The album “Thriller” Released 30 Years Ago Today}

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album was released 30 years ago today. This was huge. We will never see albums/cd’s sell like this again or be as big for as long a period.

The “Thriller” song video was a huge event in itself. I remember all the hype behind it. It was video everyone seemed to be waiting to see. Then they played it to death. The video was like a mini-movie- lasting 13 minutes 43 minutes. It was directed by John Landis and the video was released December 2, 1984- a little over a year after the album came out. It is also the most watched music video over, having been seen by over 4 billion people. The video cost $500,000 to make. This video wasn’t just a video it was an event. One of those events that seem to define a decade.