80’s Rock Star Billy Idol-57 Today/ “Rebel Yell” Video

Billy Idol turns 57 today. In the 1980’s Billy Idol was all over MTV and he had 9 Top 40 hits in the United States and a number of songs that weren’t hits that I thought were. His biggest hits were “Mony Mony” which hit #1 and “Cradle of Love” which hit #2 on the US charts. Idol’s time was up around 1990. He hasn’t had a hit since then and he hasn’t recorded much since then either. He was alright. If you have his greatest hits I’d say you have all you need. He was not an essential artist. I wonder if he would have made it on his music alone. His videos sure helped his career. My favourite song of his wasn’t even released as a single  “Blue Highway”

Below is a link to one of his most popular songs “Rebel Yell”