Robert McNamera Resigns As Secretary of Defense-This Day 1967

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On this day in 1967 U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamera announced his resignation. Robert McNamera’s middle name was Strange. He was a strange man. He was one of JFK’s “best and brightest” He would be Secretary of State from the beginning of the Kennedy administration in 1961, staying in the cabinet when Johnson became POTUS. His resignation took effect February 29th,1968. McNamera is the longest serving Secretary of Defense in American history.

McNamera played a large role in the escalation of the war in Vietnam. He lived until 2009 dying at the age of 93. Over the years as he grew older he would be critical of his own views back in the 1960’s in regards to the Vietnam War.

An excellent documentary on McNamara was the 2003 ” The Fog of War:Eleven Lessons From the Life of Robert S. McNamera” by Errol Morris. It won the Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

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