Sportscaster Al Michaels 68 Today/ “Do You Believe In Miracles”

Famed American sportscaster Al Michaels turns 68 today. Al Michaels was with ABC Sports for most of his career {1977-2006} He is now with NBC. Al Michaels will always be remembered for what is probably the most famous call in American sports history-his coverage of the 1980 USA Miracle on Ice victory over the USSR in the Olympics. “Do You Believe in Miracles”

Al Michaels has been very versatile. He’s covered about every major sport. He’s done World Series, Super Bowls, Olympics, NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals. He is a huge hockey fan. He’s a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Kings.

He was born in Brooklyn and was a Dodgers fan. When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles so did the Michaels family. Al Michaels longest running play by play job was on Monday Night Football.

below is a link to Al Michaels most famous call “Do you believe in miracles”