The Rolling Stones To Tour

These guys are getting long in the tooth but it looks like they are going out on tour again. Some early information on an upcoming tour by The Rollings Stones linked below. Mick is 69, Charlie is 71. You would think their touring days are about up. They also have a new “Greatest Hits” album coming out. Some of these groups have put out more Greatest Hits and Best Of’s …then they had regular studio albums. The Doors and The Who come to mind. I’ve seen The Rolling Stones 3 times. I don’t see myself going to see them again. Great group back in their prime.

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  1. Just adding my 2 cents here. I wonder if it’s just out of the sheer love of of performing that any iconic performer(s) continues touring In the Stones case, I can’t imagine it has anything to do with money! “Long in the tooth”…perhaps but should that really be a factor if the desire and enough energy is still present? As for the quality of the the “Rolling Stones” performance at this point time…I’ve not seen them live but I would assume you are correct in that they aren’t nearly as good as they were in their prime. Yet, I really believe there is so much more as to why they still do what they do and why so many of their fans still love them. They aren’t going to “wow” the current younger generation but that’s just the natural cycle of life. Still, I think there’s plenty of room for everyone. I intend to keep going until I fall down and can’t get up! 🙂 Retirement is grossly over rated!

    • I saw them in the mid-90s twice and they were outstanding. I don’t know the extent of this tour but I can’t see them managing a year long stadium tour kind of deal. I doubt its money either but I remember The Who would tour just to make some money for John Entwistle. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from going to see them. I reckon they would still be great in concert but knowing how much $$$ is charged for concerts these days, having seen them before, I’d rather spend my money on other shows.

  2. I hear you! The price of a concert ticket today is outrageous and, of course, with that comes a rise in our level of expectation. Budgetary constraints force most of us to be very selective, for sure. Thanks for your feedback!

    • I remember in 1989 paying $25 to see The Stones.. and I though that was outragious.. the best concerts/places to see concerts are the up and coming acts that play at small venues.. seems like in the last ten years or so.. some of those big name tour prices…an outrage..

    • I agree.. I just like the feel of a smaller venue. People talk to each other and, for me, I get to experience much more varied musical styles than I would seek out in a larger venue or even when searching for music online. It’s a great experience all-around. You should have framed those $25 ticket stubs! haha

    • I have a friend who has every ticket stub from every concert and film he’s ever attended. I wish I had done that! Oh well.. In my next life.

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